BIX Recovery - The Set (3 Tube Pack)

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Enjoy our range of refreshing Orange & Mango, Mixed Berry and Lemon flavoured BIX Recovery tablets in one mixed pack! 

BIX Recovery is formulated to boost energy levels throughout the day, optimize recovery after physical activity and support your immune system. It has zero sugar and all natural flavours!

Each Tablet Contains: 

Vitamin C - 200 mg

Magnesium - 150 mg

Zinc - 10 mg

BCAA's - 100 mg

Q10 - 3 mg

Vitamin E - 10 mg

Bromelain - 100 mg

Calcium - 50 mg

Iron - 2.5 mg

Potassium - 50 mg

Sodium - 150 mg

B12 - 3mcg

The refreshing effervescent tablets can be taken pre and post exercise to improve recovery times or during your day to help maintain energy levels and general well-being. 

3 x 10 tablets in each tube.