Home Workout For Runners

Home Workout For Runners

With limited access to gyms, pools and yoga studios it might feel hard to keep up with your usual training routine, and cancelled races might take away some of your motivation.

However, most of us have already learned that closed doors open new ones and right now might be a great opportunity to take training a little easier and give your body some rest. Also, this time can be a chance to work on your weaknesses and build a strong base.

Benefits of exercise

We all know that moderate exercise does not only strengthen your bones, muscles and cardiovascular system, it also improves your sleep quality, boosts your immune system and keeps you mentally and emotionally healthy.

Home Workouts

A lot can be achieved in your own living room - from improving your stability, balance and strength to developing more explosive power.

We have uploaded three Home Workouts that can be your go-to sessions when you have limited time and space for training.

The main thing with all workouts is staying consistent. Aiming to get a couple of sessions on a regular basis will really benefit your overall strength and allow you to exercise at a higher level.

Strength for Runners

With our first three 16-Minute Home Workout videos we have focused on a Circuit for Runners that will help you to improve balance and stability to build a strong base and to help you stay injury-free.

Let’s jump right into it:

Strength Workout for Runners - Part 1

Strength Workout for Runners - Part 2

Resistance Band Workout for Runners